My name is Lauren Wuornos and I'm a 28 year old self-taught freelance photographer with over 10 years of experience. I reside in Minneapolis, MN. I enjoy shooting independently and through creative ad agencies or production studios. My style of work is influenced by cinema with special attention to composition and color. As I've become more experienced I've learned to embrace shooting with natural light and minimal gear. I'm a big believer that within any given environment or situation there is a "perfect" moment. I often have lucid and vivid dreams and strive to bridge that gap into reality through my work. I'm influenced by those dream narratives through the dark and mysterious. My work has been displayed in local group and solo shows, book covers, newspaper publications, online articles and interviews, and digital and print magazines. In my free time I enjoy traveling to new cities, spending time outdoors, and watching brilliant films.

I aspire to collaborate with other professional creatives in editorial, film, or personal portraits who recognize and appreciate my unique insight on the world.


I’m now offering prints of selected works for sale. All prints are available in selected sizes on Luster paper finish through local printing company WHCC. They are hand inspected, signed and titled on the back, and ready to ship within the United States and London, UK. Please inquire for other international orders at Thank you!