My name is Lauren Wuornos and I've been a self-taught photographer for over 10 years. As I've become more experienced I've learned to embrace shooting with natural light and minimal gear. I'm a big believer that within any given environment or situation there is a "perfect" moment. As someone who often has lucid and vivid dreams I strive to connect that world with reality by looking for unique ways the light strikes the landscape. I'm inspired to build those dream narratives by finding beauty in the dark and mysterious. 

For 5 years now I have strived to publish 1-4 images per week through Instagram. This social platform has pushed me to create new content on a very daily bases while allowing me to add deeper narrative descriptions to each published piece. Before I picked up a camera I always wanted to be a writer, so navigating life through images and words has been a liberating and valuable experience. If nothing else I am always curious and aware of a bigger pulse. Ordinary moments are always extraordinary stories, and that is timeless and ethereal in its own right. I aspire to collaborate with other professional creatives in editorial, film, or personal portraits who recognize and appreciate my unique insight on the world.

Minneapolis, MN
Available for international travel