start over, fresh

All images were shot with natural/available light in Minneapolis, MN. For this series I wanted to sit in the ethereal for a minute and explore what you see when you step away from yourself. I wanted to create a world of quiet tension through places that wrap themselves around you. When you let the world fall away, what do you have left? Tell me about all the times you had to start over, fresh.

1_Places that Wrap Themselves Around You_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Places that wrap themselves around you.

2_Places that Pull_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Places that pull.
Model: Ellie Drapp

3_Belly of the Whale_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Belly of the whale.

4_Hearts Full of Glass_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Hearts full of glass.
Model: Cristina Peterson

5_Line of Fate_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Line of fate.
Model: Sophia Dunn Walker

6_Fall Away_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Fall away.
Model: Savanah Maleska

8_Old Chapters_Lauren Wuornos.jpg

Old chapters.
Model: Savanah Maleska